74 Reasons to Get Excited for the 74th NBA Season: Reason 15

Reason 15: Derrick Rose’s Quest for a Ring

It seems as though Derrick Rose did everything last season but take home the gold. Last year’s MVP led Chicago to a promising campaign that ended with a league-best 62 wins in the regular season. In the playoffs, Rose continued his dominance in the first two rounds, before slipping up against the infamous Miami Heat. His performance in last season’s playoffs are worth looking over once again, more specifically in Atlanta:

Conference Quarterfinals against Indiana: 27.6 PPG/6.2 APG/4.6 RPG/.371 FG%
Conference Semifinals against Atlanta: 29.8 PPG/9.8 APG/4.3 RPG/.450 FG%
Conference Finals against Miami: 23.4 PPG/4.0 RPG/6.6 APG/.350 FG%

You can also notice the slight drop in his shooting percentage and scoring when the Bulls ran into Miami’s defense in the third round. But at this point, it’s nothing to stress over if you’re a Bulls fan, last season’s over and Derrick’s fourth attempt at a championship begins in a few weeks. The franchise is also set to accompany the ‘point-god’ with a solid shooting guard in Rip Hamilton, while also re-working an extension to keep Rose in the Windy city for the long run.

The Bulls have one of the best defenses in the game, the addition of Rip measures to be a ginormous move for Chicago on the offensive side. This is what Rose needs: a guard by his side that can consistently knock down that mid-range jumper. It probably won’t be the final screw that tightens up a championship run, but it’s still early in the season to assume the Bulls are done negotiating. Derrick Rose will somehow put up better numbers than last season, and you best believe he’ll be licking his chops to run that one back against Miami in June.

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