74 Reasons to Get Excited for the 74th NBA Season: Reason 27

Reason 27: The upside of Jrue Holiday

Credit: http://cdn1.sbnation.com/

Jrue Holliday was the sixth point guard (No. 17 overall) taken in the 2009 NBA Draft, behind the likes of Tyreke Evans, Ricky Rubio, Jonny Flynn, Stephen Curry and Brandon Jennings. Many people, and I know personally a few, that thought the Philadelphia 76ers should’ve taken another route at point guard by either grabbing Ty Lawson or Eric Maynor, who went right behind Holiday at No. 18 and No. 20 respectively. I’m not saying Lawson hasn’t raised some eyebrows thus far, but just by taking a glance at the comparison, Holiday has been the superior talent of the two. He was known for his defense coming into the League, and while portraying that skill, his offensive balance has made Holiday into one of the best all-around young point guards. Here’s a quick glance at the two head-to-head in 2011:

  • Jrue Holiday: 14.0 ppg, 6.5 apg, 4.0 rpg, 44.6 FG%, 36.5 3P%, 82.3 FT%, 1.5 spg
  • Ty Lawson: 11.7 ppg, 4.7 apg, 2.6 rpg, 50.3 FG%, 40.4 3P%, 76.4 FT%, 1.0 spg

Keep in mind that Lawson runs in Denver’s uptempo offense as well, but that’s not taking anything away from his skill level whatsoever. I wouldn’t mind having either on my team, but Holiday has the ability to become an All-Star in this League in my opinion. He can get to the rim, has a nifty dribble, and can shoot the long ball. His defense is already there, and it won’t be going anywhere either. Look for the former UCLA Bruin to improve upon last season’s numbers, while the rest of the NBA begins to notice what a specimen this 21-year old really is.

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