74 Reasons to Get Excited for the 74th NBA Season: Reason 35

Reason 35: Celebrities on the sidelines

You’re used to seeing Spike Lee and Jack Nicholson on the big screen, or even Jay-Z at center stage. But these celebrities have been regulars at courtside at their respective team’s home games. Jay Z at the Nets games, and Lee and Nicholson always at Knicks and Lakers games respectively. How much excitement do they actually bring to the game? Just seeing their faces on TV or the jumbo tron – being active in the game – gets the crowd fired up and the support may help the home team. These celebs may also bring in revenue seeing as how everyone loves being around someone famous. Why not go to a game, where you’re near your favorite millionaire and cheer for the victory. It is easy to pick out Nicholson’s seat, as the season ticket holder is court side of the opposition coach’s right side. Everytime the Lakers make a big basket, he will be the loudest fan and there to slap Kobe’s hand for a job well done. Who can ever forget Spike Lee in the 90s when the Knicks-Pacers rivalry was heating up. Or when the Lee-Reggie Miller rivalry was at its fiercest. Each one made sure the other one got it when they lost (see Reggie Miller giving the choke sign straight to Lee). Everytime Reggie had the ball, you could hear Spike yelling at him. And after the shot was drained, Reggie would be sure to give it right back. Jay-Z just recently became a spectacle at Nets games when we became part owner in 2008. These celebrities are die-hard fans, and make their respective arenas buzz during game-time.

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