74 Reasons to Get Excited for the 74th NBA Season: Reason 47

Reason 47: All-Star Weekend

Every February the NBA takes a three day break from its 82-game grueling season. This long weekend is the All-Star weekend which includes a celebrity game, a skills challenge, three-point shootout and slam dunk competition. There’s also a rookies versus sophomores game, and the main attraction, the NBA All-Star game on Sunday which entails the Western Conference and Eastern Conference All-Stars facing off. On the Friday evening of the events, different celebrities and past NBA legends take the court in what is the more fun, less competitive event of the weekend. Some of the characters that lace up the sneakers to ball probably haven’t played, let alone shot a basketball in their lifetimes. But then again who doesnt love seeing Justin Bieber cross up Jalen Rose, all in good fun. The Saturday portion consists of elite point guards doing an array of skill sets in a timed manner, followed by stud shooting guards firing up three balls that are also timed. The main event of this night however is the slam dunk contest. Freak athletes try to come up with unique style point dunks. Yes, cars can be used as props. Then the finale of the weekend is the actual NBA All-Star game. Not much defense is played, but if you like lots of dunks and street style moves, this game is for you. The game doesn’t mean anything for home-court in the NBA Finals, but it still brings friendly competition and highlight reel dunks every year.

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