74 Reasons to Get Excited for the 74th NBA Season: Reason 50

Reason 50: Playoff basketball

Screaming fans, energetic players and coaches – these are some of the sights and sounds of playoff basketball in the NBA. After 82 long and grueling games, eight teams from the Eastern and Western conferences lock horns for four best-of-seven series with the Naismith trophy being given to the final team standing. In the playoffs, every second of every game matters, and every shot from every player could mean winning or losing. Each game is pivotal because no team wants to go down, and the drive to play more basketball is greater than ever. Staying rested and healthy is key. Some teams start dynasties by storming through the playoffs and winning titles in successive years (Boston Celtics in the 80’s, Chicago Bulls in the 90’s and Los Angeles Lakers in the 00’s). Names like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have made names for themselves – considered by many as NBA legends – in the playoffs. When talking to most people, they only watch the NBA during the playoffs. It is exciting and fast paced. The outcome of events is almost never a sure thing. So here is to another year of playoff basketball, and let us see who will come out on top.

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