74 Reasons to Get Excited for the 74th NBA Season: Reason 53

Reason 53: The return of ‘Inside The NBA’ on TNT

Credit: http://www.jamati.com/online/

Most NBA fans enjoy the comedic NBA after show – ‘Inside The NBA’ on TNT – just as much, if not more than the actual double-header games that TNT offers on Thursday night’s throughout the season. The show, which is composed of regulars Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and the beloved Charles Barkley, has been a hit since hitting the air. It’s not so much the in depth analysis these ‘analysts’ provide, but rather the perfect mesh of ridiculousness and humor that has fans anticipating for each week’s segment. Chris Webber has made his occasional appearances on the show, as well as now current Houston Rockets head coach Kevin McHale. With McHale out of the picture, the team sought an additional body to take over the NBA legend’s absence. Enter the recently retired Shaquille O’Neal. The addition of Shaq fits in perfectly to the already hysterical bunch that has landed on set. As mentioned before, it’s not just the NBA talk that drives this show, and here are a few examples of just that. I’ll let the clips do the talking.

  • Charles Barkley doing The Dougie on set:
(Credit: TheFresHLYCooL on YouTube)
  • The joke’s on Kenny Smith [You know something is up with Ernie’s laugh]:
(Credit: Vrnster1971 on YouTube)
  • Classic ‘Gone Fishin’ moment from the show:
(Credit: FunkyAxel11 on YouTube)
  • The Royal Wedding on Inside the NBA:
(Credit: drakez0mg on YouTube)
  • Random moments from the show:
(Credit: Hrvoje1313 on YouTube)
While it’s never possible to predict the show’s next outrageous moments, the addition of Shaq only adds fuel to a show that’s already on fire. The Diesel will surely bring his own unique aspect and personality to the show, leaving us craving for the opening episode. Hopefully there’s a 2011-12 NBA season so us diehard fans can not only enjoy NBA basketball once again, but enjoy the always “informative” ‘Inside The NBA’ show and its new looked crew on Thursday nights.

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