74 Reasons to Get Excited for the 74th NBA Season: Reason 57:

Reason 57: Jimmer MANIA

Credit: http://streetballblog.com/

Back in 2007, not many people knew about Jimmer Fredette, the curly 18-year old from the small town of Glens Falls, NY. Why he was only averaging 7 points per game for a non BCS school. All anyone knew about BYU was Mormons and Steve Young. Well, now when the words BYU are spoken aloud, many people think Jimmer. Fredette came onto the national spotlight as junior. Yes, he was a scorer but could he lead his team to make a run in March? In Fredette’s junior season, the Cougars were ousted in the second round, only for Jimmer to come out his senior season and take them back to the Sweet 16, and eventually losing in overtime to Florida. Jimmer is stamping his name as not just a scorer, but as a leader as well. So when graduation bells started ringing, there was only one thing left for Jimmer to accomplish in his career. The NBA. He was picked 10th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks (later traded to Sacramento). Many of the basketball gurus thought Jimmer wouldn’t fit into the NBA system. That he was too small for a shooting guard. Or too slow to be a point guard. Well this season may show why much of America was having symptoms of Jimmer mania in 2010.

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