74 Reasons to Get Excited for the 74th NBA Season: Reason 74

The lockout continues to loom over the 2011-2012 NBA season. After a successful draft night in New Jersey for the Association, the league is welcomed with some fresh, new and exciting talent. This year’s NBA Draft helped give us some insight on how teams will go about their future in the up and coming years to come. The stiff owners won’t hesitate to allow a lockout of the 74th NBA season, especially with the ridiculous numbers today’s stars are making. Listing these reasons regarding the upcoming NBA season will help pump some adrenaline into the hopeless NBA fanbase that won’t see the NBA return this late October.

Reason #74: The Future of the Spurs

All questions ring whether it’s the end of an era in San Antonio, but a few days ago they silently struck again in the 2011 NBA Draft. On draft night they were able to make one of their rare chess moves by acquiring Kawhi Leonard from Indiana, giving away one of their cropped studs in George Hill. The Pacers will now salvage their new talent, as Hill is a disciplined role player that carries the bright future. Some Spurs fans may have voted against this moves, but the team managed to bring home some real excitement with their young rookie, Leonard. The former forward from San Diego State has showed us how much of a force he can be around the glass, while also playing that strict defense that the Spurs organization enjoys. The seven-foot-one wingspan that Leonard has will help him in the paint alongside genuine professionals such as Duncan and Ginobili. Spurs fans have one big reason to get excited for next season, as their witty managers did the right thing here to bring in some fresh talent to the floor. While Tim Duncan didn’t get a contract extension this summer, expect him to be in San Antonio another year to finish off his contract. The Spurs have a few good runs in them left, they also aren’t done shaking up the roster before the 2012 season.

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