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Reason 5: NBA League Pass – A NBA fan’s dream

Credit: itsrainingdeals.blogspot.com

With the end of the NBA lockout behind us, fans are itching to see some professional basketball once again. And one of the most exciting opportunities to catch every day’s games on live television is through NBA League Pass. The program will cost $169 for the entire season, and games through January 8th will be televised as part of a free trial to start the season. If you’re someone that just enjoys watching basketball, or if your team is straight out no fun to watch anymore, this is exactly what you need. For fantasy gurus, NBA League Pass allows you to watch games and keep up with who’s doing what. There’s nothing better than capping off a night with a west-coast game that runs until roughly 1:00 a.m. You can’t beat it. I’ve never purchased it after the free trial expired in previous seasons, but this year is a must for me. If you’re capable of doing so, I recommend you do the same too.