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Reason 4: Dallas Mavericks Repeat

Shawn Marion was right, people sleep too much on the Dallas Mavs. It’s easy to see why, after a humdrum off season that brought in the aged Vince Carter, attention-queen Odom and the sketchy Delonte West. But the Mavs can always give you a reason to trust ’em once they surrender the ball to Nowitzki. Their resilient campaign last year was easily the franchise’s finest, doing nothing but giving them the experience and confidence to do it again this year. The reigning champs will now defend their title going into this season with a huge question mark at their center spot, which is currently occupied by Brendan Haywood, Ian Mahinmi and Sean Williams.

Regardless, Dallas will look to succeed behind their well-seasoned veterans, which have spent years playing around this league. A starting line up headlined by Kidd, Carter, Marion and Dirk are all guys we have recognized to be dominant for their respective teams during their prime. Now all meshed together with one goal in mind; another ring to spawn the dynasty talks. Talks that will resonate to their neighbors in the Spurs, another southern franchise prying tight to their expired superstars. But in Texas, Dallas is a breath of fresh air when compared to what San Antonio has been doing. The Mavericks will get their mojo going at the right time during this shortened season. The back-to-back games could make it tough for the vets, but expect them to get plenty of rest once they grab that playoff spot. The unexpected low lights given to the champs can be looked as nothing more than a reason to make this crew want to shock the world once again behind their play.