Reason 16: The halftime shows

Yes I know many of you do not tune in to the halftime shows, if they are even aired on TV at all while the players on back in the locker rooms. Many people like to go get some grub or stock up on drinks for the exciting second half. But when you think of some of the halftime shows at various NBA arenas, it is an exciting part of each game. Each game for┬áthe different teams bring something new and exciting into the fray. You never know what to expect. Two years ago in Dallas, a human slinky did, well what regular toy slinkys do, except much bigger and moved to music without stopping at the bottom of a staircase. There are also other different spectacles – jugglers, gymnasts, animal performances, people eating fire or knives, and even insane BMX stunts. And then there is everyone’s favorite, the half-time concerts featuring famous pop, rap and country singers. Also, some NBA teams’ mascots excite the crowd with breath-taking dunks off of trampolines. My personal favorite, though original, the various team dancers that perform in their sexy outfits. So the next game you’re watching, maybe stock up during a commercial break before the first half buzzer sounds, and kick back and enjoy these halftime shows. You never know what you are bound to see.