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Reason 33: The New Look Nuggets

Ever since 2003, the Denver Nuggets have been classified as Carmelo Anthony’s team. The 6’8″ forward was selected third overall by the Nuggets and was their primary scorer since day 1. Then something happened; the Nuggets traded away Melo after he wanted to take his talents elsewhere. And in February of 2011, the New York Knicks received the prolific scorer. So how do you replace a four-time All-Star? With teamwork of course. The Nuggets brought in Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari. The Nuggets boasted the highest scoring offense in the league, and finished with a 50-32 record and another playoff berth, this time without Melo. They just caught a hot Oklahoma City Thunder team in the first round. They no longer have a stud; they just have some really good players. Denver is proving that you can win with 10 really good players. Especially when those 10 players are coachable, and put in effort on both ends of the court. The ball also moves freely on offense, and every player on the court is just as capable as the other to score on any given possession. The Denver Nuggets peaked with Carmelo Anthony and winning a championship was not going to happen. Now, the Nuggets are filled with youth and have depth at nearly every position and are rejuvenated. With ex-Tar Heels Ty Lawson and Felton at point, JR Smith, Chandler, Gallinari, Keyon Martin and Nene Hilario at forwards, the Nuggets haven’t lost a beat. Nuggets fans should sleep easy at night knowing that their team is in better hands now, despite not having an All-Star.