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Reason 48: Unveiling of Washington Wizards’ new uniform and logos

It’s always exciting to see a new program receive new jerseys or logos. Either way, fans will come to hate on the ridiculous new gear the team wears or marvel at the newly-created design. For the 2011-12 Washington Wizards, the team has chosen to switch from its traditional dark blue and white jerseys [which were created in the 1997-98 season with a few slight adjustments over the years] to a red jersey that incorporates blue and white accents. To go along with the new color scheme, different logos can be spotted on the ends of the shorts and above the player’s last name on the back of the jerseys. You can check out the fresh uniforms and logos here¬†and decide for yourself which looks better. For all of you non Wizards fans, you can see your team’s logos and uniforms form the past to get a glimpse of its history. Nonetheless, it’ll be exciting to see these new uniforms when they hit the court in early November.