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Reason 52: The glory of posterizing dunks

When tuning in to SportsCenter every night, there is one thing basketball fans, and sports fans in general look for… and that is a dunk worthy of being hung up on their bedroom wall. Let’s be honest, NBA games feature the best athletes in the world and are exciting to watch, but when points are being put up fans want to watch a player soar high above the rim and slam down over another player. Three pointers and layups are so “last year” and best considered as the old-school way of basketball. Stars such as Blake Griffin, J.R. Smith, Lebron James, DeMar DeRozan – among many more – are the most notable “highlight-reel” dunkers. If there are any highlights or Top 10 plays – as SportsCenter does it daily – from an NBA game, it will most likely be one of these high-flyers. So let us sit back and enjoy some of these memorable posterizations, and hope for more in this upcoming NBA season.