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Reason 54: Is Phil Jackson Really Done?

One of the greatest coaches of all time in coach Phil Jackson has finally left his coaching duties in the league last season. After earning 11 championships between his coaching years in Chicago and Los Angeles, Jackson stuck to his words after his self proclaimed, “last stand” as a head coach. The bitter end for the Lakers’ 2011 campaign could easily create optimistic futures of seeing Jackson back in his high chair again. Those possibilities could also seem as a fantasy, with the unlimited opportunities Jackson could also pursue around this era of hiring the been there, done that sports analyst. It’s nothing to complain about either though, a short stint of coach Jackson in some sports network wouldn’t be as bad as Skip Bayless and that circus. Hopefully this delayed season will give Jackon more time to ponder his futures with the NBA. Family is first of course, but don’t be surprised if the love for the game brings him back.