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Reason #69: Derrick Rose’s Scoring Side kick

Chicago’s playoff run exposed how bad this team really needs another guy that can fill up the stat sheet alongside reigning MVP, Derrick Rose. After an illustrious regular season with the Bulls, Derrick Rose was forced to do some more scoring of his own in the post season. His assist numbers dropped and his turnovers became more frequent in the team’s series against Miami. In his last three games of series he scored 68 points, while committing 14 turnovers. It’s obvious Rose needs another guy that can create his own shot without it being players like C.J. Watson. Carlos Boozer was essential to the team last season, especially around the paint, but he won’t be the key to this team’s future success against the high-scoring teams in the league. Once the market opens up for some free agent signing, Chicago will be one of the teams on the phone trying to bring a scorer home. Bringing in a hometown defensive stud like Andre Iguodala could do the trick, but to be more realistic, there will also be some scorers on the market. Shannon Brown has cut his ties with the Lakers and can get the ball in the basket in a variety of ways. Chicago could also roll the dice on trigger-happy guards such as J.R. Smith,  Nick Young, Jason Richardson and DeShawn Stevenson. Whichever way it turns out, it’ll be interesting to see which swingman lands in Chicago to help out the talented point guard.